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In general

As a authorised Swiss haulier, you can transport secure airfreight and airmail for all known consignors or regulated agents. Thus, you are part of the secure supply chain.
You sign the haulier declaration with 2assistU, carry out background checks on all employees and train them annually.
You will then be activated on the FOCA database “List of authorised hauliers (CH)” maintained by 2assistU.

Initial approval and registration

Initial approval takes place in four steps:

  1. Registration and training of the responsible person
  2. Completion of the haulier’s declaration
  3. Activation on FOCA database
  4. Training for employees

The approval process in detail

Training, background check and haulier declaration overview

The following chart illustrates the cadence of training, background checks and renewal of the haulier declaration.

Employee training

The responsible person and all employees who transport secure air cargo must complete a basic training course and then a refresher course every year.
The basic prerequisite for completing a training course is a positive background check.
The course is delivered as e-learning/web-based training.

The training includes the following modules:


Initial registration fee – registration company (including examination of carrier declaration) and basic course responsible person (including course confirmation (Haulier Authorisation))

CHF 460.00 – one time

Renewal of haulier declaration

CHF 300.00 – every 2 years

Changes (if required)
Change of domicile: CHF 100.00
Change of name of responsible person: CHF 100.00 (incl. training and Haulier ID)
Company name change: CHF 300.00 plus CHF 50.00 per employee
Change of responsible person: cf. initial registration fee

Basic course for employees – incl. background check (per login)
and course confirmation (Haulier Authorisation)

CHF 60.00 – one time

Refresher course for the responsible person and the employees
– incl. background check every 3 years (per login)

CHF 60.00 – annually

Replacement of the course confirmation after loss

CHF 50.00 – if required