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General terms and conditions applicable to training offers

General terms and conditions
These General Terms and Conditions apply to all courses offered by 2assistU AG.
The German original text of these general terms and conditions can be translated into other languages. The translated versions are used for illustrative purposes only and are thus free of any legal value. When disputes or discrepancies or variances between the German version and the translation arise, the German version is valid in any case. The German text is available on our website (by selecting the German language) or upon written request.

Invoicing and sending invoices
After you have registered for a course, we will send you the invoice as a PDF file. Invoices will only be sent electronically by e-mail to the e-mail address of the course participant. If you wish to receive the invoice by letter post, manual upload or an interface to a specific platform, an administrative fee of CHF 50.00 plus VAT per invoice will be charged in addition to the course fee. For sending invoices via an interface, the effective initial programming effort for setting up the interface is also charged.

Payment of the course fee
The due date indicated on the bill is binding. After you have registered for a course, the payment becomes compulsory. Non-payment of the course fee does not constitute cancellation of registration.

Course organization
For organizational reasons, we reserve the right to postpone, combine or relocate classes, or to change the teaching venue. We also reserve the right to shorten a course, in which case the corresponding proportion of the course fee will be reimbursed. 2assistU AG may replace a teacher for a part of a course or for the whole course, if necessary.

Number of participants and conditions for the course to proceed
In order to present our courses under the best possible conditions, we limit each course to a maximum and minimum number of participants. The course places are allocated in the order of registration (subject to the timely payment). If the number of registered participants falls short of the minimum, the course may be cancelled and the course fee waived or refunded.

Exclusion from a course
2assistU GmbH reserves the right to exclude any participant from a course for a justified reason. Justified reasons are for example the event of non-payment of the course fee or serious cases such as libel, harassment, willful damage to property, etc.

Canceling a registration involves administrative costs. Depending on the timing of the cancellation, the course fee may be fully or partially refunded. Cancellations less than 7 days before the course start date will result in the full payment of the course fees. This also applies to e-learning courses that have not been completed on time.

Not attended lessons
Basically, there are no course fee refunds as a result of not attended lessons. This also applies to e-learning courses that have not been completed on time.

Course confirmation
A certificate will be sent to each course participant depending on the successful completion.

2assistU AG accepts no liability for any damages arising during or from any courses or events organized by us. You are therefore personally responsible for ensuring your own adequate insurance cover. The use of our facilities is at your own risk. 2assistU AG cannot be held liable for theft or loss of property.

Data protection
By registering for one of our courses, you agree that 2assistU AG may use your data (personal data, booked courses) for further purposes. For organizational reasons, for example for the issuance of course certificate, your personal data may be propagated to our partners.

Program and price changes
Program and price changes as well as changes in the general terms and conditions are reserved.

Court of jurisdiction
For all legal relationships with 2assistU AG, Swiss law is applicable. Court of jurisdiction is the seat of the 2assistU AG in Brugg AG.

Brugg, 23 August 2018.
Valid from: 01 January 2019.