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Known consignor

2assistU AG is an independent verification body recognised by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and supports you and your company in achieving the status of a certified known consignor. We will take over the administrative organization of the initial certification process, as well as the training of security managers, and we will be at your side for the training of your employees, as well as for further assistance during the certification process.

In the sections below you will find more information about the certification process and your subsequent tasks as a known consignor (KC).

Regulated Agents

Regulated agents are companies that forward, pack or transport goods within the secure supply chain. They ensure that the goods correspond to the consignor’s description and that they do not contain any prohibited or dangerous articles. 2assistU trains security managers and supports them in their function with the support package.

In the sections below you will find further information and tools around the training and tasks of security managers.

AVSEC Management – NASP 11.2.5 (Cat. A12), 11.5.6

In our AVSEC Management courses you will learn the most important laws and basics in order to be able to make the right decisions in your job as a Security Manager, Deputy Security Manager or AVSEC Trainer. The multi-day courses are always taught in English.

AVSEC Management courses enable you to acquire the expertise required to ensure security in the aviation industry. You acquire the necessary knowledge to identify risks and take appropriate security measures.

Below you will find an overview of all AVSEC Management courses.

AVSEC Training Videos

2assistU offers training videos in the field of aviation security for all aviation entities with the financial support of the Special Financing for Air Transport (Art. 87b FC, Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)). The videos explain aviation security topics based on the National Security Programme (NASP) and ICAO Annex 17 in a practical and entertaining way.

All companies and personal names mentioned in the videos are fictitious and purely fictional. There is no intended connection to companies and people in the real world.

The compilation below shows you an overview of all topics. Click on the desired training video to learn more.


As a authorised Swiss haulier, you can transport secure airfreight and airmail for all known consignors or regulated agents. Thus, you are part of the secure supply chain. You sign the haulier declaration with 2assistU, carry out background checks on all employees and train them annually. You will then be activated on the FOCA database “List of authorised hauliers (CH)” maintained by 2assistU.

On the page linked here you will find all further information about the process and the trainings.