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Training video: Secure air cargo delivery – the procedure

*for participants of an AVSEC course offered by 2assistU AG.
Other interested parties: Price on request.

This training video is offered to you by AVSEC Training Institute Switzerland by 2assistU. More information.

The training video «Secure air cargo delivery – the procedure» illustrates the important processes and checks involved in accepting safe air freight.


Logistics staff, for example at the freight receiving point, learn how to correctly check and accept High Risk Cargo, what to observe and on what legal basis (NASP Switzerland) these checks are based.


Security managers and AVSEC instructors who train staff at the freight receiving point.

General business conditions for training video downloads

Guidelines for the delivery procedure and acceptance of High Risk Cargo:

  • Identification of the haulier
    • Checking the personal details of the deliverer (driver)
    • Verification of the EU database or haulier’s declaration
  • Verification of the delivered shipment
    • documentary
    • state
  • Correct storage and processing of the shipment to maintain a secure supply chain


Use of this training video is subject to enhanced security regulations (category “Confidential”).
To download the video you need a 2assistU customer account. By clicking on the “Download” link, you will therefore be directed to 2assistU’s customer platform Portal, where you will have to enter your personal data. If you already have a customer login, use it to log on to the Portal.
Are you interested in the training video and haven’t attended an AVSEC course? Please note that the download is not free of charge and subject to a fee. In addtion, you will have to prove your identity by passport/ID and a criminal record excerpt (not older than 30 days) before you can download the training video.

The training videos of AVSEC Training Institute Switzerland are protected by copyright and may only be used for internal training purposes. Copying or passing on to third parties is prohibited.

All company names and people mentioned in the video are fictitious. There is no intended connection to companies and people in the real world.