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teampulse as a business application

With teampulse we offer you a business application developed by us in cooperation with our software partner for

Training management

Manage all your employees’ training and credentials with teampulse and be automatically reminded when a qualification expires. Generate a report on the training status of the entire workforce at the press of a button. A strong element especially when the training department is inspected by an auditor.

Quality management

Plan and complete internal and external audits, spot checks and inspections, review corrective actions followed by root cause analysis. For the checklists, you simply enter as many standards and different classifications as you like. The cause table can also be freely defined according to your needs.

Incident management

Process personal and anonymous reports or damage reports from your staff, carry out risk analyses, assign corrective measures to responsible persons and conclude the measures with a further risk or cause analysis.

Additional functions

Furthermore, teampulse offers you the possibility of publishing new documents (procedural instructions, communications, etc.) that must be signed as received and understood by your employees. An inventory management system for recording your inventory or the material you have issued to your employees (e.g. badges, keys, IT material, etc.). Furthermore, teampulse offers a simple CRM for the management of customer contacts, including the storage of activities and information related to the contact.


Specially developed for small and medium-sized enterprises and following the “less is more” method, teampulse offers itself as a cost-effective and easy-to-use application. The application is currently delivered in four languages.

Customer groups

teampulse was created from a team of experts who have all worked for many years in various functions in the aviation industry, including quality assurance, safety / security / compliance, or as auditors.

The business application is particularly suitable for airlines, handling companies, airport operators, airport suppliers, catering companies, tour operators, tour operating companies and transport/logistics companies.

Further developments

As a development company, we are also very interested in developing the application further and are therefore looking forward to hearing from companies that want to use teampulse on the one hand and further develop it together with us on the other. Do you have a business case that you would like to digitise? Talk to us about it, we may be able to offer you a solution in teampulse!

Why we developed teampulse

We wanted to use various applications for ourselves and our customers that facilitate everyday business and the administration of data. Currently, various business apps are springing up like mushrooms: an app for employee planning, an app for project planning, an app for document management, etc.

Due to our sometimes sensitive data, the use of such individual apps, often hosted in opaque clouds, was out of the question. The use of different individual apps also has the disadvantage that the users have to be recorded and maintained again in all of them, their handling does not form a unit and the cross-system data use can only be managed via additional interfaces, if at all.

We wanted to have a system that unites several business applications, but know at all times where and how secure our data is. Our data is stored in two data centres in Switzerland. Every year we have our system audited by the renowned Wizlynx Group to make sure we are safe.

Why Excel and manual are not the future

The use of Excel has its justification; it is a quick way to collect or calculate some data. Similarly, manual processing and filing is not the most efficient way of processing: if you want to run individual evaluations, search specifically for data or have a clean backup, you need to use a system. We have simplified our operations and the administration of our customer data thanks to teampulse.