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Basic course
Known Consignor (KC)

  • Provide the basic competencies of a security manager
  • Certification as a person responsible for security for known consignors, acc. Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA)
  • Security Manager
  • Deputy Deputy Security Manager
Practical course

The practical courses are held in a classroom. These courses take place regularly in all three language regions.

  • Threat to air traffic
  • Basics of air freight security
  • Procedures for air freight security
  • Elements of air freight security
  • EU Database
  • Security programme

The company location (for which the person responsible for security will be responsible) must be active in production and must be registered as a Known Consignor with the Independent Inspection Body.

Bring your own device

New as of 2024: Training documents in electronic form – “bring your own device”: As of 2024, the training documents will be provided in electronic form (download via your customer account in the SEDUCO course administration tool). If you would like the documents in paper form, please send us an e-mail to “[email protected] up to 5 days before the course. 

General terms and conditions of the training offers

The general terms and conditions of the training offers apply to every training offer of 2assistU AG.

Course days and registration


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