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Known consignor - Certification


The concepts of “Known Consignors” and “Regulated Agents” are intended to enable a secure supply chain of air cargo from the supplier to the airline. Air cargo consignments that are transported within this chain and do not leave this system until they are handed over to the ground handling company do not have to undergo systematic security controls. In contrast to unsecured airfreight consignments, consignments from known consignors are therefore not subject to any security checks for which there is a charge.

Basic training is an essential factor in ensuring the efficient implementation of security measures by known consignors. The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) therefore prescribes the training of the companies’ security managers as a mandatory criterion for obtaining the status of known consignor.

Would you like more information on the subject of known consignors? In our brochure you will find all the information you need to know about the topic.


Total costs for initial certification, per site:
Total cost of certification for 5 years, per site:

From the fifth subsequent year, identical to the first year, certification is applied for again for the following five years. The costs thus form a five-year cycle of CHF 6250 each.

Please note that these costs arise for each site that is to be certified!


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