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Aviation Security Management Airline Course


Understand security legal framework (ICAO, European Commission, Switzerland) ­

  • Adopt, adapt and align your security program and your operation
  • Develop AVSEC training modules
  • Establish effective quality control activities
  • Apply best practices in your security planning
Target Audience
  • Airline security manager
  • Airline security instructor
  • Deputy airline security manager ­
  • Aviation security supervisor
  • Aviation security leader

Course is based on NASP 11.2.5 (Cat. A12), 11.5.6 and approved by FOCA.

Key Topics
  • National civil aviation security legislation / national authorities
  • National civil aviation security programme NASP / entity security programme
  • Threat assessment
  • Aircraft security
  • Passenger and dead load (hold and cabin baggage, cargo, mail, air carrier mail and material) ­
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Quality control
  • Response to acts of unlawful interference
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Ce cours a lieu uniquement en anglais !

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